Autumn gathering trail

Food donations for Windermere Foodbank are very welcome

It’s Harvest Festival time and we have a mini challenge in the Attraction for children today.

We have hidden 6 vegetables drawn by Beatrix Potter in the exhibition – can you find them all?  Each vegetable has a letter which spells a word.  Unjumble the letters to make a word and when you have deciphered it, report to the Box Office to receive a token which you can exchange in the Cafe for a free squash or hot drink.

This is a completely free activity as part of your Attraction ticket.  We would like to ask a small favour in return.  Today, we are doing a food collection for the Windermere and District Foodbank – so if you are able, please bring something from your kitchen cupboard to share and leave it on our collection table in the foyer.

Windermere & District Foodbank – helping local people in crisis
Over 90% of the food distributed by foodbank networks is donated by the public – that’s why food donations are absolutely vital.

Urgently needed food items:


The World of Beatrix Potter Attraction


The World of Beatrix Potter Attraction