Avoiding the egg day blues

We have learnt from experience over the last 10 years that there are always have a few disappointed participants at the end of the Treasure Trail day and they do like to let us know 🙁

We’ve tried to answer some of the number one moans we have received from previous years in advance to try and help you prepare for the day and explain why we run the egg hunt the way we do!

1. My children were upset that we didn’t find an egg
Peter says: The egg hunt is in its 10th year and has become very popular.  With 100 eggs to find and a lot more people taking part, not everyone will find an egg, but you might just be lucky!  The disappointment can often be a hard lesson for kids (and big kids)… so why not take some of your own mini chocolate eggs out with you so if you don’t find a Peter Rabbit egg you can do your own egg hunt with special treasure at the end of the day?  

2. We spent lots of money on car parks and got nothing.
Peter says: There are only 100 eggs to find and sometimes we have hundreds of families looking.   All the eggs are hidden in open ground with no admission charges.  You may have spent money on car parking, but hopefully, you got out and about in the Lakes and had had fun in the fresh air!  

3. Some participants are too competitive and try to find more than one egg.
Peter says: We do understand, but we can’t limit participants for carrying on the egg hunt after they’ve found an egg, however, we do limit the prizes to one per family.

4. Why don’t you leave markers where the eggs have been so we can see where the egg was.
Peter says: “As it’s the Lake District we can’t leave a marker as we like to leave nothing but footprints.  As this feedback has come up year after year, we will now have a long shot photo of where the egg was and a close up one we can share with you after the egg hunt.”

5.  The marker on the map was not in the right place.
Peter says:
The marker on the map gives a general indicator of where the egg may be – it is not exact as that would be too easy!  We have the grid reference for every egg this year so we at Egg Hunt HQ know its precise location.  

6. Why run an event in the Lake District with no mobile signal?
Peter says: 
We love the Lakes and this is where we are based.  Mobile reception gets better year after year and the egg hunt is possible from a mobile phone – but sometimes it is useful to have back up from someone at home.

7.  The google map is not being updated regularly enough
Peter says: Sometimes the delay in the eggs being taken off the live map is down to two things 1) the person who found the egg hasn’t let us know straight away or hasn’t got mobile reception or 2) someone not doing the egg hunt has come across the egg and taken it without calling us.  As soon as we know an egg has been found it comes off the map, but unfortunately if we haven’t heaard directly about the egg we have to leave it a few hours before we can say that the egg has definitely gone.  Sorry, we know this is frustrating!

8. Can we find out the egg locations after the egg hunt
Peter says: 
Yes – just drop us an email to [email protected] and we’ll send you a list of the locations.


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